Want Tacos? Head to Silverthorne, Colorado

This past weekend we headed up to the Colorado mountains for Keystone Wine & Jazz Festival, which was, as awesome as always. This area is about one hour and 15 minutes west of Denver off of Interstate 70.

Bluebird Market & Hotel Indigo in Silverthorne, Colorado.

We stayed, however, in Silverthorne, Colorado, which is a free bus ride away from Keystone. And, as we found out, Silverthorne is brimming with tacos, so it was a good choice.

We stayed at the new Hotel Indigo right next to the new Bluebird Market, Summit County’s only food hall. It’s terrific, and not only because it’s home to a taco joint. The opening of this Summit County food hall means the food choices are greatly expanded in Silverthorne, no only for tourists, but for the people who call the town home.

Of course, along with a snicker doodle cookie at Colorado Marketplace & Bakery, I ate tacos at Baja Chimayó. Located next to an empanada vendor, this joint serves up $5 tacos to hungry customers. The headquarters of Baja Chimayo are just down the street in Dillon. For those who may not know, Silverthorne and Dillon are the two towns just off I70. Silverthorne is mostly north and Dillon is south of the interstate.

We went back for a drink at the bar that evening and I snapped this photo from the bar area.

There is also a bar here, wood fired pizza, grains and greens, fried chicken, burgers and crepes. There are still a few openings for more delicious restaurants to have a presence in Silverthorne.

I got a baja fish taco (because the place is called BAJA Chimayo, and a grilled steak taco because… steak. To be honest, the baja fish was good, but the steak was excellent. That’s the one I’d truly recommend. I might be going through a steak phase though.

Then, that night, I had tacos again. Lucky for us, inside Hotel Indigo is a locally owned restaurant with a Mexican twist. It’s called Kúcu Tequila Bistro, and it’s pretty darn delicious. We ate dinner, breakfast & a late night appetizer, so we should know.

Plus, the tequila selection is off the hook. It’s probably the best selection of tequila in the Colorado mountains.

For dinner on our first night, Ryan ordered a tequila flight of Don Fulano and the poblano rellenos. I got a bison flank steak taco and the special taco which was some sort of fried chicken in a tortilla what was yummy. It was more like a wrap than a taco, but I didn’t care, because the fried chicken was delectable. We also had chips and salsa and bottle of wine.

The next night we came in late, sat on the patio and enjoyed the queso fundido which is awesome. Melted cheese is always divine but with a pop of crunchy pepper, it truly hit the spot after a long day drinking wine in the sun.

I have little doubt that there are even more tacos to be eaten in Silverthorne at other various restaurants. If you are looking for tacos in the mountains, look no further than Silverthorne, Colorado.

Now go forth and eat tacos in the Colorado mountains!

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