VN Phở in Firestone, Colorado

Have you visited the Firestone/Frederick area? The growth is fairly mind-boggling but with housing developments come some excellent restaurants. In fact, downtown Firestone is home to a great breakfast spot I happened to stop at randomly on the way home from the airport.

The place is called Gabe’s Cafe (I remember when the building was an Italian joint). I sat on the patio in the sunshine in the adorable downtown Frederick and was quite pleased with my breakfast skillet covered in green chile.

Gabe’s Cafe in downtown Firestone, Colorado.

Firestone and Frederick are towns directly east of Longmont and Interstate 25. The two towns run together in my mind and I never recall what business is where. I am only sure that VN Pho is in Firestone because I looked it up!

I met my friend Kate for lunch at VN Pho, a restaurant located in a strip mall. She says that the spot has previously been home to several sandwich shops. Kate’s from Firestone but it was her first time at VN Pho too. I think it’s just opened in the past year and seemed quite popular on a Thursday.

VN Pho in Frederick, Colorado.

The place is super tiny and cute and I wish I’d taken a photo of the inside. It feels very cozy.

There are a lot of different kinds of pho to choose from at VN Pho, and I got Pho Tai Nam (Rare Steak & Brisket). Kate ordered the beef noodle bowl. For a medium at $10.49, my pho was a great deal. Both our meals were big and there is no skimping on ingredients here.

Pho Tai Nam (Rare Steak & Brisket)

My broth was piping hot, the meat plentiful and the veggie toppings were fresh. I think the broth makes or breaks pho and this one is flavorful and satisfying. It was an all around solid experience and if I wasn’t writing this blog and trying new places all the time, I’d definitely go back. Kate really enjoyed her noodle bowl too.

I tried to make myself stop eating so that I could have leftovers, but I ate it all.

VN Pho, 8350 Colorado Blvd., Unit 110, Firestone, Colorado 80504

Have you had some great pho lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

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