Tacos at Two Miles High: La Mina Tacos in Leadville, Colorado

… and now I have eaten tacos two miles above sea level. Those are bragging rights, right?

We just did a HeidiTown Leadville trip. As most of you know, Mayor of HeidiTown is my main gig, and I started TacosandPho.com because I liked tacos and pho.

La Mina Tacos & Mariscos

Yes, we’ve been to Leadville many times before, but we haven’t visited since 2019, and believe it or not, quite a few changes have happened in that short time. Despite, the pandemic, they are good changes.

La Mina Tacos is one of those good things. They opened in 2020, so of course, I had to eat some tacos while in town.

Located behind Safeway on the north side of town it was convenient for us because we were staying at Tashi’s Cabin on Hwy 91, north of town. I will be writing about this dog-friendly cabin and more about Leadville on HeidiTown.com.

La Mina Tacos is a cool little joint, with patio views that beat some Michelin star restaurants.

There is a fairly large menu on the wall, and even a sandwich board stating that they had pozole that day. I love pozole and it was hard not to add that to my order, but I was here for tacos.

An extensive menu!
I love pozole. Summit Tacos in Longmont makes a great one, but so do I!

I ordered al pastor, asada and chorizo tacos. Ryan also got the al pastor, but I cannot remember his other two. The tacos are $2.95, which is good since we’ve often been paying $5 for a taco on the Front Range, except at Mi Terra in Windsor, Colorado. Go on #TacoTuesday.

Anyway, back to La Mina. We got a booth with a view of our truck which held a precious commodity, Fritzi.

Our girl at Tashi’s Cabin. Tashi is the owners’ dog. Love.

The tacos came out fast and they were legit. A little greasy, but I like them like that. Honestly, I didn’t need two shells but it did help hold it all together since I had squirted hot sauce on them making the tacos extra wet. I don’t always need two shells per taco, but it seems traditional. Honestly, I just don’t need the extra calories because I eat a lot of tacos. A lot.

Heidi = Happy

We both agreed that the al pastor was our favorite. There is no skimping on the toppings of finely chopped onions and cilantro.

Let’s say that I will have a difficult time passing up this place any time I visit Leadville. It’s cozy in the winter, has a view to beat all views in the summer, and has delicious tacos for $2.95 each. Plus, you can order beer or a margarita. What more can you ask for?

La Mina Tacos, 102 Mountain View Drive, Leadville, Colorado 80461

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Happy Taco Tuesday, from two miles in the sky!

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