Happy Taco Tuesday: Casa de Heidi

I make tacos a lot. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I like to use various kinds of meat and usually I just throw spice on without measuring anything. I once made pork butt (carnitas) tacos by throwing the meat into my Instapot with spices and jalapenos.

There are a couple of must-dos when making tacos at home.

You must fry the tortilla. I use corn tortillas only, although my husband has requested that he get tacos with hard shells real soon. I think sometimes he just wants a taco that reminds him of his youth. You know the kind; lettuce, tomato, ground beef, and yellow cheese in a hard shell.

But back to frying the tortillas. I throw a little butter in a frying pan and add the corn tortilla. I do not want it crispy hard, but I do like it a little fried on both sides before I fill it with ingredients.

If I am making each taco with two shells, I fry them one on top of the other and then flip each so that all four sides are a bit fried. By the way, it also works if you butter the tortilla like a piece of bread and then throw it in the pan.

Over time, I have beefed up my Mexican spices. In Pueblo, I went a little wild at Musso Farms, a farm market with a spice room. I also have an array of spices from the Mexican section at King Soopers. You know the ones. They are in bags and not in bottles.

I like to cut the taco meat small. My favorite is pork, but I made some delicious chicken tacos a couple of months ago. I use a large frying pan. Put bits of chicken with a mixture of spicy spices in water and cook it slowly. If the water got too low, I add more. Eventually, I Iet the water cook away, leaving just meat. It makes the meat so tender and scrumptious.

As far as toppings, use what you like. I use finely chopped onions, jalapenos, and sometimes tomatoes. I also usually shred up a little Mexican cheese like cotija and sprinkle that on as well.

My must-have ingredient is cilantro. I realize that it is a controversial topic. Some people, even my own mother, think it tastes like soap, but thankfully I didn’t get that gene. I looooove cilantro.

I recently discovered Mexican crema premade. It was in the cold food section by the cheese in my King Soopers. I know it’s easy to make, but this was life-changing. I’m squirting that on tacos and everything else!

It’s an easy meal. Now go make a few tacos for this Taco Tuesday!

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