Get Your Pho On: Saigon Xpress, Longmont, Colorado

Let’s face it, I live in Taco Land. There are tacos in big and small eateries, in bars and in chain restaurants. Pho, however, it more difficult to find in Northern Colorado.

A great benefit of this blog, that I didn’t foresee, is that I have eaten at places I didn’t know existed. And, I have eaten at restaurants that I had intended to try but never had the proper excuse. Yes, I started this blog, in part, as a food eating excuse.

Saigon Xpress Vietnamese Restaurant, in a nondescript strip mall in Longmont, is a place I never would have know existed, but for And I am so glad I went.

I feel to come clean about the fact that I am a little intimidating when going to a new-to-me pho restaurant. I am at home with tacos, but chopsticks have always presented an insurmountable challenge to me, despite being a quarter Korean.

I thought Saigon Xpress, going on the name alone, was going to be a fast food style joint, it is not. It’s a sit down restaurant where diners are provided plastic chopsticks, and not forks. I could have asked for one, but instead, I decided to chance it. After all, there were only two other diners at 2:30 p.m. and they were almost done, so few people would witness this debacle.

My carpal tunnel syndrome makes holding chopsticks extremely difficult, so I scooped and slurped my way through my beef pho.

When I first started eating pho, I browsed the internet and found this great article. It not only informs the reader of the long history of pho in Vietnam, but let me know that my pho eating etiquette was good enough.

But is it?

About halfway through my bowl of beef pho at Saigon Xpress, a staff member gave me an unsolicited second napkin. I was actually quite appreciative, but I hope my attempts to use chopsticks didn’t result on any broth on the wall or noodles on the ceiling.

The best part of this pho was the meat. I have never had my pho beef this tender. It’s memorably good. Second, the broth is full of flavor. I do not profess to be a professional pho eater, far from it, and in fact, I am most likely the exact opposite. However, I do know that the broth should be the star of pho and I never adulterate it with sauce, I always put the Sriracha and Hoisin in bowls on the side and dip my meat and noodles.

Saigon Xpress is worth a stop. And at just $10 for the small bowl of pho (which is big), it won’t break the bank.

Be sure to stop by Simply Home Consignments next door. They are going out of business and have excellent sales right now through their closure at the end of the month. While I hate to see a small business go out of business, I happily bought two pairs of jeans for just $12.

Saigon Xpress, 1225 Ken Pratt Blvd., Unit #110, Longmont, Colorado 80501

Saigon Xpress on Facebook

Happy #PhoFriday!

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