Post 7: Taco Chihuas, Brighton, CO

There is no rhyme or reason to my posts. I am just going to eat tacos and pho are write about it. At this point, I am not featuring restaurants in any particular order, just letting you know what I’ve been eating, and surprise, I’ve been eating tacos.

Brighton is taco heaven. There is, in fact, a taco restaurant across from another taco restaurant on Main Street. This is my kind of town! If you google “tacos,” a lengthy list is displayed.

Yes, I ate that jalapeno.

We were in town because there was a chile festival at Lulu’s Farm. It was awesome but busy. Of course, this didn’t keep us from shopping. We bought a bunch of pickling pickle supplies and a half bushel of roasted green chiles. Roasted on demand! The best kind.

The reasons for our trip. One half bushel of roasted Marisol green chiles from Lulu’s Farms.

We decided not to eat at the festival because lines were long and it was hot, so we venture in to Brighton where, to my delight, I was presented with more taco restaurants and food trucks then I had ever seen in one place. It was truly awesome.

We eventually just pulled into Taco Chihuas because we were overwhelmed with choices and super hungry. When I saw the menu I knew we had chosen well. I got a three street tacos: pastor, carnitas and barbacoa. Ryan got a gordita and a taco.

The food was solidly good and affordable. The barbacoa taco was my favorite, and none of the meat tasted too fatty, a common occurrence with traditional tacos. The meat is cut super small and loaded into two corn street taco shells. Happily, the tortillas hold the contents well and do not fall apart.

I have to go back because, obviously, I have only scratched the surface of Brighton’s taco scene.

Taco Chihuas, 248 N. Main Street, Brighton, Colorado, 80601

Chat next time! Until then, eat a taco.

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