Post 4: The Gateway Taco

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this blog off with this taco and this restaurant. It is the fish taco from Matador Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the taco that started it all. It set me down a path that has resulted in hundreds of tacos eaten, and a belly to prove it.

I had eaten fish tacos in the past, even in Mexico, but this one was the best I had sunk my teeth into. I was hooked. And then I got to know Paul Michealsen, the owner of Matador. I don’t exactly remember how we first met, but I was invited by Paul to judge a chili contest at his shop, and that was the end of the beginning.

Paul makes tacos and hot sauce and I eat tacos and hot sauces. It was a food match made in taco heaven. Is that a thing? Because if so, I wanna go there when I die.

Not only is Matador the reason for my taco-mania, it is probably the reason for this blog so congratulations, Paul! I think.

If you haven’t had food or hot sauce from Matador Mexican Grill, I am sorry, but you can remedy that. And guess what? They have a food truck too, The Maty Food Truck.

By the way, this restaurant sells craft beer for cheap. Yes, CRAFT BEER for cheap. It’s ridiculous, but they’ve done it from the beginning. I went there today for a fish taco and an Odell Drumroll for $2.91.

Matador Mexican Grill, 1823 East Harmony, Fort Collins, Colorado 80528

Matador on Facebook

Matador on Twitter

Chat next time, but until then, eat a taco.

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!

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