Post 3: Top Taco

It’s happening tomorrow at Stanley Marketplace, and I’ll be there to taste and critique and sip and critique. After all, it’s not just about tacos, there will be some top-shelf tequila there too.

I’m going to try to write a top 5, maybe top 10 tacos list. Not necessarily a list of favorites, but rather Weirdest Taco, Most Creative Taco and Best Weirdest Taco.

I used to love anything wrapped in a tortilla, but I’ve become more traditional in my tastes lately. I absolutely love a good al pastor taco. However, I will keep an open mind because I have a feeling there will be some nontraditional items wrapped in tortillas here.

More than 50 restaurants will be represented, so I think finding an excellent al pastor shouldn’t be difficult.

By the way, Slope & Hatch in Glenwood Springs makes one of my favorite tacos of all time and it’s far from traditional. It’s a calamari taco and it’s divine. If I find a good calamari at taco Top Taco, I’ll be pretty happy.

Get tickets at

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