Tacos & Hot Dogs in Johnstown, CO: Yes, Please

I have a soft spot for restaurants in houses, so when I saw Los Rudo’s Tacos y Hot Dogs was located in a cute Johnstown bungalow, I was extra excited (I am always excited about tacos).

Carnitas Aren’t Tacos: La Estrellita, Brighton, Colorado

It didn’t take long, just 13 posts, for me to drift a bit from the title of this blog. Carnitas is braised or slow roast pork simmered in spices. It’s basically a dish sent to us from Pork Heaven. It’s delicious. This meat serves as stuffing for burritos, sopapillas, tacos, or it is simply servedContinue reading “Carnitas Aren’t Tacos: La Estrellita, Brighton, Colorado”

So Many Tacos, Not A Big Enough Stomach: Top Taco

I’m not saying I am small, because the fact is, I can eat a lot of tacos, but there is no way to have all the tacos at Top Taco. If you haven’t heard of this event, I am sorry. It has passed so you’ll have to wait until next summer. It’s held at StanleyContinue reading “So Many Tacos, Not A Big Enough Stomach: Top Taco”

Post 4: The Gateway Taco

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this blog off with this taco and this restaurant. It is the fish taco from Matador Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the taco that started it all. It set me down a path that has resulted in hundreds of tacos eaten, and a bellyContinue reading “Post 4: The Gateway Taco”