Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos in Longmont, Colorado

In 2018, I wrote When It Comes to Tacos, Longmont is Winning on I took a little heat for not including Marcos Hot Dogs & Tacos in the post. I finally went.

Get Your Mojo on with Tacos in Lyons, Colorado

I’m big on ambiance and this place has it in spades. I love the tiny patio, but inside, the bar is pretty chill too. Mojo Taqueria has that “we’re pretty cool without trying” feel.

Tacos & Hot Dogs in Johnstown, CO: Yes, Please

I have a soft spot for restaurants in houses, so when I saw Los Rudo’s Tacos y Hot Dogs was located in a cute Johnstown bungalow, I was extra excited (I am always excited about tacos).

Carnitas Aren’t Tacos: La Estrellita, Brighton, Colorado

It didn’t take long, just 13 posts, for me to drift a bit from the title of this blog. Carnitas is braised or slow roast pork simmered in spices. It’s basically a dish sent to us from Pork Heaven. It’s delicious. This meat serves as stuffing for burritos, sopapillas, tacos, or it is simply servedContinue reading “Carnitas Aren’t Tacos: La Estrellita, Brighton, Colorado”