• The Gateway Taco: Spoiler Alert, it’s a Fish Taco

    August 31, 2021 I would be remiss if I didn’t start this blog off with this taco and this restaurant. It is the fish taco from Matador Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the taco that started it all. It set me down a path that has resulted in hundreds of tacos eaten,Continue reading “The Gateway Taco: Spoiler Alert, it’s a Fish Taco”

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  • Top Taco is Coming to Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado

    Top Taco 2021

    It’s happening tomorrow at Stanley Marketplace, and I’ll be there to taste and critique and sip and critique. After all, it’s not just about tacos, there will be some top-shelf tequila there too.

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  • Making #PhoFriday a Thing

    Breckenridge Pho Tacos&Pho

    I chose to announce this new blog on a #TacoTuesday because #PhoFriday isn’t really a thing. I mean, it is kind of a thing, but the last #PhoFriday I can find on Twitter was posted on July 30. Before that, it was used on February 12.

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