• Phở Duy, Broomfield, Colorado, next to Great Wall Supermarket

    This blog post is a little overdue. I went to Phở Duy last month for my quarterly blogger meeting with Dave Taylor of GoFatherhood, and Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto. Of course, both men have lots of other irons in the fire too.

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  • Mt. Fuji in Fort Collins, Colorado: Spicy, Good, Affordable Ramen

    With all that seafood I was surprised that this dish was just $16.95, the same price as Ryan’s entree. Plus, we got all those sides. It was a feast. Mt. Fuji serves a lot of food! I would definitely go back to Mt. Fuji if I wasn’t on this mission to try all the Asian soups and tacos in Northern Colorado.

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  • Get Tacos at Taqueria Ranch Alegre in Loveland, Colorado

    Gets Tacos at Taqueria Ranch Alegre in Loveland Colorado 3

    It is slightly embarrassing that I haven’t written about this place yet. I regularly tell people this is the best taco I’ve had in Loveland. We have been going here for many years. Of course, there are tacos I haven’t tried in Loveland, but of the ones I’ve eaten, this is my favorite.

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