Hard & Fast Pho Rule

Today, as I have been doing quarterly for seven years, I met Dave Taylor and Christian Toto for lunch. We bounce ideas around, float questions, and eat. Basically, we meet to know that we are not alone in this blogging journey. After the last lunch meeting with Dave and Christian, I was inspired to startContinue reading “Hard & Fast Pho Rule”

Post 9: Costco Pho, it’s a Thing

Look, I’m no pho expert. While I’ve eaten thousands of tacos in my lifetime, pho hasn’t been something that readily available in the places I’ve lived. Even now, Northern Colorado isn’t a mecca for pho lovers. It’s on a few menus, but it’s not everywhere like in some cities. I’m still a newbie to pho,Continue reading “Post 9: Costco Pho, it’s a Thing”

So Many Tacos, Not A Big Enough Stomach: Top Taco

I’m not saying I am small, because the fact is, I can eat a lot of tacos, but there is no way to have all the tacos at Top Taco. If you haven’t heard of this event, I am sorry. It has passed so you’ll have to wait until next summer. It’s held at StanleyContinue reading “So Many Tacos, Not A Big Enough Stomach: Top Taco”

Post 5: A Bowl at Pho Lan Was All It Took

It all started years ago when Pho Lan was located on Hwy 34 in my hometown of Loveland, Colorado. A friend, and Pho Lan disciple, John Metcalf, took me there. I’ve been eating pho at Pho Lan ever since (and followed them to their location on 29th Street in Loveland). I did not grow upContinue reading “Post 5: A Bowl at Pho Lan Was All It Took”

Post 4: The Gateway Taco

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this blog off with this taco and this restaurant. It is the fish taco from Matador Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the taco that started it all. It set me down a path that has resulted in hundreds of tacos eaten, and a bellyContinue reading “Post 4: The Gateway Taco”