Tacos at Two Miles High: La Mina Tacos in Leadville, Colorado

… and now I have eaten tacos two miles above sea level. Those are bragging rights, right? We just did a HeidiTown Leadville trip. As most of you know, Mayor of HeidiTown is my main gig, and I started TacosandPho.com because I liked tacos and pho. Yes, we’ve been to Leadville many times before, butContinue reading “Tacos at Two Miles High: La Mina Tacos in Leadville, Colorado”

Do Best Lists Really Matter? And Other Musings of a Taco Eater

Would your “Best Of” list really be a “My Favorites” list? Let’s face it, best is subjective and that’s why you won’t see a Best Tacos list here but I’ll tell you about my favorite places.